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Why the F*ck it Matters

A Chakra Inspired Guide for Shaping Reality from the Crown Down

by Christy Lynn Hicks
Coming Summer 2024

About the Book:

Embark on an empowering journey down your energetic system from the ethereal of the crown to the manifestation of the root to unlock your innate powers of:

Inspiration & Connection - 7th

Intuition & Visualization - 6th

Authenticity & Communication - 5th

Love & Compassion- 4th

Transformation & Action- 3rd

Creativity & Sensuality - 2nd

Stability & Manifestation - 1st

Part East. Part West. Energy & The Chakras. Yoga Philosophy. Positive Psychology. Future. Present. Past. Spiritual satire with a bit of southern sass.  Add a little poetry and some practices too and what you have is a book about making it matter.

What it is, is up to you.

With simple yet profound wisdom offered through a conversational and often lyrical tone, this lighthearted book is deeply grounded with a provocative yet compassionate approach for taking responsibility for what comes to exist on the material plane. 

Through a thoughtful and practical descent from the crown chakra down to the root, the intention is to help you get out of your head and into your body in order to get clear on what is most important to you, what may be blocking it from flowing through you and how to get things moving so you can shape your reality and bring what matters most to you into form.  

Because it really does matter.  And so do you!


About the Author:

Christy Lynn grew up a southern, small town girl with a big spirit and a mysterious vision who went on a lifelong quest to figure ‘it’ out. Although she was a somatic mover her whole life, what brought awareness and consciousness to her movement and the way she moved about the world was Yoga, which she has been a dedicated student of for 30 years and teaching almost as long. She has also been an entrepreneur in the world of health, wellness & spirituality for over 20 years and has certified hundreds of Yoga Teachers at the 200, 300 & 500 Hour Levels.


Christy shares a wealth of information with tools of transformation grounded in lived experience from a holistic and lighthearted perspective that offers a wide range of philosophy and practices from the East to the West, interwoven with poetry, humor, good ole’ fashioned southern wisdom and a sincere dose of ‘bless your heart.' Through her work, Christy aims to help make the drama of this so-called life a little more digestible for anyone who’s ready to make it matter.

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