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Holistic & Integrative Yoga for individuals, couples & small groups
w/ Christy Lynn

These sessions are unique to each individual, couple or group and offer a blend of healing modalities that address the Physical, Physiological, Mental, Emotional, Relational and Spiritual aspects of one’s life.​


Christy has been offering a blend of Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Therapeutics, Mindfulness & Embodiment Practices, Holistic Wellness, Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Positive Psychology Coaching for a myriad of situations and conditions for the past 30 years blending all the tools and practices from the East to the West that have worked for her and her clients through the years.

These deep dive sessions may be any combination of holistic lifestyle counseling, philosophy, movement, meditation, visualization, yoga therapeutics, somatic practices, ayurvedic support, subtle anatomy, the chakra system, sound healing, positive psychology coaching and body-energy work, all depending on the individual.


She loves holding safe space for others and offering guidance through this deeply personal and empowering work. 


Below are some reasons you may want to explore Holistic Yoga in addition to other modalities you may be exploring:

✦ Increased Confidence, Strength & Flexibility

✦ Nervous System Regulation 

✦ Creating & Sustaining Healthy Habits

✦ Visualization & Manifestation

✦ Intention & Mindfulness

✦ Energy & Mood Enhancement 

✦ Increased Quality of Sleep

✦ More Focus, Clarity & Deep Presence

✦ Abundance Mindset & Embodiment 

✦ Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Alignment

✦ Cultivating Satisfying Relationships

✦ Authentic Presence & Effective Communication

✦ Conscious Entrepreneurship

✦ Lifestyle Counseling for any or all of the above 


If you would like to find out if Holistic Yoga Sessions are a good fit for you, schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation below!

Drawing upon her education, training & experience in a wide array of modalities listed below, Christy Lynn will speak on the most appropriate topic based on your unique situation & desires.

Entrepreneur in the world of health, wellness & spirituality for over 20 years

Teacher of Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Psychology & the Chakra System for 30+ years

Journey of Intrinsic Health with Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breath Work, Pranayama & Mudra

Mantra & Sound


Psychology (Traditional & Positive)


Nutrition, Cleansing & Fasting

Energetic Anatomy

Somatic (Body) & Energy Work

Music & Ecstatic Dance 

Storytelling, Writing & Art

Ritual & Earth Based Practices 

Herbs & Plant Medicine

Sacred Ceremony

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Anatomy, Physiology & Biology

Personal Training, Fitness, Gymnastics

B.S in Mass Communications/Psychology & Sociology

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