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Guest Speaker, Teacher, Storyteller

One of Christy's many passions is public speaking, teaching & storytelling as a way to inspire, provoke, uplift, educate and entertain.

She is available to speak on a variety of topics from East to West, Business to Health and Spiritual to Practical in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences. 

Some examples of speaking or teaching engagements:

-Yoga Teacher Trainings

-Wellness Symposiums & Retreats 

-Conscious Festivals

-Workplace Wellness

-Leadership Summits


If you would like to find out more
& discuss your 
 situation & needs, please email Christy to set up a call.


A few examples of Topics:

✦ Yoga Philosophy & Psychology 

✦ The Power of the Mind

✦ Nervous System Regulation

✦ Making it Matter

✦ Embodied Living

✦ Physical, Mental & Emotional Fitness

✦ Focus & Attention

✦ Expanding Life Force & Flow Sate

✦ Clarity of Vision & Quality of Action

✦ Abundance Mindset & Practical Application

✦ Authentic Presence & Communication

✦ Empowering Leadership

✦ Conscious Entrepreneurship

✦ Thriving in the Workplace

✦ Positive Psychology 

✦ Right & Left Brain Balance

Drawing upon her education, training & experience in the wide array of possibilities listed below, Christy will create a custom talk, workshop or training blend to support the unique culture, needs, strengths and desires of your group. A conversation can help us determine the right path for your needs and desires.  

Entrepreneur in the world of health, wellness & spirituality for over 20 years

Teacher of Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Psychology and the Chakra System for 30+ years

Journey of Intrinsic Health with Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breath Work, Pranayama & Mudra

Mantra & Sound


Psychology (Traditional & Positive)


Nutrition, Cleansing & Fasting

Energetic Anatomy

The Chakra System


Body & Energy Work

Music & Ecstatic Dance 

Storytelling, Writing & Art

Ritual & Earth Based Practices 

Herbs & Plant Medicine

Sacred Ceremony

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Anatomy, Physiology & Biology

Personal Training, Fitness, Gymnastics

B.S in Mass Communications/Psychology & Sociology

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