Christy Lynn

Yoga Sutras & Philosophy Teacher, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, 

Mentor & Spiritual Guide, 26 years

Yoga Studio Owner, 16 years

Yoga Teacher Trainer, 15 Years

Positive Psychology Coach, 15 years

Ordained Minister, 10 years

Soul Seeker, Lifetime

In my early 20s I was a mess.  Then I discovered Yoga.  My life didn't magically get better because of finding Yoga.  It was rather my willingness to surrender my old way of doing things along with my sincere commitment to doing whatever it took to transform my life for the better.  

And that is what happened.  

My life transformed in astronomical ways and continues to do so every day.


Yoga is simply one of the many pathways that can lead us to the truth, whatever that means for us, if we are willing to do the work. 

Yoga led me to my truth.  But I had to do the work.  And I still do.


Every. Single. Day.

And it is so worth it.

 I have experienced  profound shifts in all of my relationships over the years.  The ones to my body, emotions, intimacy,  work, finances, goals, actions, other people, communication, words, dreams, thoughts, spirituality...

Yoga is not just an exercise for me, it's a way of life.  


It is a deeply transformative practice that has elevated all aspects of the way I relate to the world within and without.  


Once I learned ways to relate to the world world got better.  

In close to 30 years of teaching, I have had the honor and pleasure of guiding thousands of people towards more meaningful, pleasurable lives filled positive, supportive and uplifting relationships. 


My commitment to and consistency in the work have helped me to create sustainable and healthy habits that have led me to live a life I am excited to wake up to every day.  


One that is filled with a stable home, work I love, a healthy relationship to money and finances,  a strong & flexible body, good habits, emotional freedom, healthy boundaries, an open heart, loving and honest communication, clarity & insight, uplifting thoughts and a deep, meaningful connection to source energy, myself and others.


I love helping others to feel the same about their life.  


If it's resonate for both of us, I'd be honored to be a guide for you.

on a FREE 60 Minute Call and discover together where you are and if I can support you in getting where you want to be.




Christy has been my yoga teacher and mentor for over 8 years now. I met her when I signed up for my 300 hr. Yoga Training with her. Not only did Christy broaden my understanding of what yoga is, she became my yoga mentor during and after the year-long training. In addition to her training, I  attended her retreats and classes and have worked with her as my yoga coach as I have developed my own teaching style.


As a yogini and teacher now for almost 15 years I continue to seek out Christy to deepen my understanding of myself and of yoga. Christy’s experience working and guiding others is extraordinary. She meets people where they are at, is incredibly accepting, and also challenges us to be our most glorious selves!! 


I especially value her teachings from Positive Psychology to help me focus on, clarify and achieve my life goals.  I’m also very moved by her deep understanding of the Yoga Sutras and the way she helps to connect them with the practical aspects of real life.  As someone who studies ancient texts in my primary line of work, I find Christy’s interpretive skills of the Sutras to be phenomenal. 


Her teaching of asana is always quite amazing and helpful, especially because she combines her sequencing with personal stories and supportive comments with her students. She also has a tremendous sense of humor that I truly appreciate. 


Finally, I am also very appreciative of Christy’s use of the Chakras – interpreting them for us, helping us to explore them and apply their teachings to my life, and giving me yet another tool to enhance my understanding of the gifts of yoga. 


I have just touched on a few of the tools that Christy uses with her students; she tailors her coaching to each student and draws from her vast toolbox and uses: asana, the Sutras, pranayama, Chakras, chanting, Positive Psychology and Ayurvedic principles to guide her students. 


I am so grateful for Christy for teaching me and encouraging me to be my best self.


-Marlene P


If you need talk therapy that's great and it helps, but what Christy does is a specialty that you are lucky to find. The yogic lens is her tool and she is able to look clearly at your unique situation. Christy is a master teacher who will share with you the the steps you’ve been looking for to live the life you have only dared to dream of. Christy has a deep understanding of why we suffer.  She is empathetic but is also able to cut through all the superficial chatter that keeps you stuck. 


The yoga sutras are the pinnacle of her teachings and with her help I was able to see where I was stuck and how I could align my life to move forward with a clear plan, and with confidence that I could be as successful as I wanted. 


There’s no quick fix but there is a path and Christy can show you the way.


-Rose M

Christy is a gifted teacher of Yoga, The Sutras, and Positive Psychology. She has an extensive depth of real-world usable knowledge and shares it in an open-hearted conversational manner that enables her students to apply the teachings to their daily life. I have been blessed to be a student, friend and teacher with Christy and what I can unequivocally say is she walks the authentic walk both on and off the mat. She has transformed and enriched my life and I very highly recommend her as teacher, mentor and holistic guide.


-Darby O


The 300 hour advanced Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Christy was life changing.

I signed up thinking that I was going to learn more about the yoga sutras and how to better work with my students privately and in a class setting, and ended up receiving so much more- “receiving” being the key word.

This training also taught me new ways to find focus and passion for my personal life along with tools to heal my body. A year out of this training, and my life today does not resemble my life when I started- I am living a healed life today with more thoughtful intentions and actions for my well-being and the well- being of others.

Christy is truly a gifted teacher that has the ability to teach in a way that the information is relatable and available to everyone. She teaches in the spirit of inclusivity and a generous open heart and takes the time to make sure her students feel safe participating in community with each other while exploring their own deep transformative work along this life changing journey. 

I highly recommend Christy to anyone who wants to learn how to really live their yoga from the heart.

-Jennie P


I met Christy just over 15 years ago when I walked into a Free Introduction to Yoga Class at her Yoga Studio, Yoga Blend in Burbank, CA.  She was teaching the Free Intro and as she held space for the class, it was apparent to me that my life was going to change as I am sure it did for many others. Christy brings people together in a magical way and many people I have met through her are still my friends to this day.  


Over the next 15 years Christy continued to be my mentor,  teacher, spiritual guide, life coach, and most importantly, my friend. I practiced with over 30 teachers over the years, at home and abroad, each had their own unique gift, but naturally, I always returned home to Christy.


Yoga teaches us that we are called to a higher purpose, a deeper understanding to ourselves and others through the exploration of our mind, body and spirit.  Yoga gives us the tools to navigate through the ebbs of flows of life and shows us the abiltiy to connect with our truest nature, one of truth and love.  However, this learning is not easy to do on your own.  It is essential that we learn from a trusted source.


I found that in Christy because she teaches with her whole heart, with integrity, love, wisdom, and compassion. She is deeply committed to her practice with provides her the effortless effort to teach all how to show up, be aware, take responsibility, heal, transcend and grow.


In 2015, I took her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training, an immersion a few years later and I am currently doing her 300 Hour TT as of August 2021.  I am honored to be on my own journey with Christy as she guides me on a lightened path of love and truth and strengthens me to find my joy while I discover my highest nature, my truest self. 


-Kim C


The path toward more conscious living and mindful awareness of the Self in the world cannot be trod alone. We are humans among other humans, flawed and magnificent. And yet, while I agree that we learn from everyone who crosses our path, occasionally our journey intersects with someone like Christy, who seems to live a life larger than others, not because of ego-driven aspirations, but because of her desire to seek out and learn from every possible experience this world can offer in the years of her own mortal journey. 


Christy, a loud-mouthed, southern-drawled, flailing-armed, tattooed and bedazzled creature, has devoted her life to understanding her own follies, falls, and gifts. She is one of those brilliant teachers who turns theoretical understanding of complex concepts into graspable, pragmatic, life-changing practices. Christy built one of Los Angeles's most important yoga studios, and so one might think she merely teaches about the physical body. She studies eastern philosophy, positive psychology, Sankrit and ancient texts, and has credentials to fill a library, and so one might think she merely teaches to challenge the mind. She is a personal coach, who shares her own daily tools of meditation, mantra, mudra, breath, Ayurveda and visualization techniques, and so one might think she merely teaches for the spirit.


But Christy is, in truth, one of the few who truly and fully teaches about the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. She embraces the entirety of the human experience and teaches not from a podium or dias, but on the ground with us as a friend, and in the trenches of her own life's loves, losses, and griefs. She churns what one person might call shit into fertilizer, and tends it till she's harvested a feast. Then, generously, and as perhaps one of the most brilliant contemporary teachers of the yoga practice in the United States, she lays it on a roundtable and calls for a satsang.


If this description of Christy seems hyperbolic, it is only because she is not fueled by aspirations of celebrity, and so is yet one of those best-kept secrets whom everyone admires and adores. I have been blessed to study the Yoga Sutras under her guidance, to teach at her studio, to attend her retreats, and to discuss philosophy over many cups of tea while sitting on a meditation cushion across from her. The words "teacher" and "coach" are barely sufficient to describe how Christy helps so many find their heart-breakingly mortal lives not only more bearable, but filled with joyous wonder.


-Arielle S