You are meant to feel...

Hello beautiful!

What is it that moves you? Like, really moves you to feel deeply. The kind where you feel truly alive, with tingles all over your body, tears in your eyes, and a deep knowing in your heart.

We are born to feel and we are designed to flow with those feelings. Unfortunately, most of us are not taught how to flow with them and instead are told not to feel something or perhaps we are shamed for feeling the way we feel or maybe we’re told we’re crazy for having certain feelings.

Sometimes, our well intended loved ones are so uncomfortable with our feelings that they try to fix them. Feelings are not meant to be fixed. They are meant to flow, providing us with valuable information about our experience in the moment, ultimately leading to a more aligned action.

No feeling is bad. They are all part of the human experience and part of our perfect design. Unfortunately, with all the confused messages about feelings, it is easy to act out on them rather than allowing them to move through us so that we can process the energy in motion (emotion) before taking action. If we don’t learn to let the sensations pass through without attaching ourselves to them, we can get swept away by our feelings and possibly end up regretting our behavior.

I grew up as a perfection seeking, people pleasing child with a dark kernel of intensity in me that I had no idea what to do with, nor was I supported in having feelings that didn’t fit into the comfort zone of those around me who were also taught not to feel. This darkness was hidden in the shadows for many years and begin manifesting in all sorts of behavior that led to negative or harmful consequences. Quite simply, I didn’t know how to feel and I was lost.

I am so grateful that I eventually found a path that guided me straight into my emotions rather than away from them so that I could face them head on and let them flow through me. As a result, I was naturally led to better feeling states and thus better actions. It’s when the feelings get blocked that I find myself lost and confused, uncertain on which way to go.

So I regularly practice flowing with my feelings. Moving and breathing in a safe space with intention allows me to be with whatever comes up…to process, to feel, to flow. And when I come out on the other side, I am more focused, relaxed and resilient, ready to face what is before me so I can take the best action. And wouldn’t you know it, my feelings guided me there.

One of my favorite ways to flow with my feelings is through music and meditative movement. It was actually my go to practice in the s#!t show that was 2020 and although I have been sharing a form of this practice for 13 years, this year is when it really become something more soul stirring for me…it became a soul journey dance, awakening me to the call of my soul. I’d love to share in this practice with you so we can feel and flow together because it sure is nice when we feel lost in the ever changing landscape of our emotions, to know that others are right there by our side.

You can find the soul journey dance and other classes I teach here:

You’re beautiful and your feelings are valid.

I love you,


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