On being essential...

I have so much I want to say yet I have found myself spending more time turning my attention inward instead of outward. Expressing less, listening more. The rewards to my psyche have been immeasurable. I am learning to trust the process more and more while letting go of what no longer serves. I have been actively celebrating all that I have to be grateful for while allowing myself to grieve that which has been lost. I have also been practicing…a lot… in order to gain clarity on what it is that I truly desire and what I need to give my attention to in order to align with those desires.

As much as I miss my Yoga studio and the community it held, I am not sad to be out of a system that labeled me a ‘non-essential fitness studio’. I don’t see this as good or bad nor do I feel a victim of the situation, but rather it just made it very clear to me that I was in the wrong business. Not only do I know for myself that the practices I teach are absolutely essential to living a healthier, happier and more meaningful life but thousands of people have also told me so.

Now that all of that has become clear, I am going about my very essential business of helping others through experience based practices to see the light within them, just as I have seen the light within myself, so that they become healthier and happier as they shine their light out into the world. I offer any and every tool I have used in 25 years of practice and teaching to help people live a more authentic and empowered life. This is some very essential s#!t y’all!

I teach others and it’s personal. It’s fun. It’s deep. It’s authentic. It’s empowering. And it's essential.

If you would like to find out if empowerment coaching is for you…let’s set up a time to talk. We can do one session or we can meet weekly or monthly. There is also the option to come to my home for an immersive, coaching retreat. We can work out a plan that suits your desires, budget and goals. You can email me here:

If I don’t think I can help you, I will definitely let you know but if I am confident I can, I would absolutely love to.

In addition, I am currently setting up several empowerment programs along with coaching support for anyone seeking personal growth and development and the option for certification if desired. I am excited to share this with you next month!

Keep shining bright…you are essential to this world. If anyone questions that, you can send them on over to me.



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