Happy New Year! Now, let's create!

Updated: Feb 4

Well, we did it. We made it to 2021. And here we are. Physically apart, but together in our hearts.

I feel things. I always have. I am sure you do too. But sometimes, we have no idea what it is, where it comes from or how to use it to create.

Emotions are energy in motion…e-motion. And with energy comes creativity. So if we don’t allow the emotions (or energy) to flow, it blocks our creativity. We are born to create. Our work is to do it with consciousness so that the creativity has a direction and to remember that we can only continue to create if we learn to let go.

We cannot hold onto and cling to our creations. We have to set them free. If you want a song to get out into the world, you have to let it go. If you hold onto it, no one will every hear it. Nor can we determine how it will land on the ears and the hearts of others. That part is not up to us. Our role is simply to create and release. And the best place to start is from within. What lights you up the most? Start there.

So, thinking about where we are…it is going to take some serious creativity to turn this ship around and create a new world. We need your creativity to flow. You are a born creator and so am I. Together we can create anything it is that we desire. Easier said than done, I know.

However, if all this energy (or emotion) is stuck in our body, mind and breath because we were not taught how to feel and flow, then there is no pathway for other energy, that will inevitably come in, to move. Eventually, it all gets jumbled up inside of us and we either misdirect it toward someone or something we love or we perhaps we get ill or injured, or maybe we make a choice that has negative consequences that could have been prevented. That energy needs to come out and if we are not actively participating in moving the current of energy, we begin to short circuit and can end up feeling very confused and out of control.

The great news is we can totally do something about it. Through our conscious efforts in practices that move the body, free the mind and lengthen the breath, we learn to flow with the energy rather than against it. Then our actions can be based on desires rather than some old, stuck energy.

So, as we begin a new journey into this year…what is your deepest heart’s desire? What is it that you most want to see, to feel and to be? Hold that vibration as close as you can to your center, and start moving and breathing with that vibration so you become a co-creator with your creation.

I love being a guide for others to bring their dreams into reality. It is what my soul calls me to do. It is my heart’s truest desire. Because when I see others become happier, healthier and more alive…I become happier, healthier and more alive as well. And we all win. The end.

If you would like to flow through the 8 limbs of yoga as a pathway for creating a life of more balance and ease, I’d be honored to be your guide. We start Monday, Jan 4th with a weekly Intention Setting Class at 8am PST/10AM CST. Sign up here

In love and Joy,


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