Raising Beliefts:

A Virtual Positive Psychology Workshop

with Christy

Sunday August 30th

2pm-4pm (PDT)/4-6pm (CDT)


Do you sometimes doubt yourself and your ability to make positive changes?

Do you often feel you are not good enough?

Do you do things because people expect it from you?

Do you hesitate to take risks toward your dreams for fear of failure or judgment from others?

Do you want something but think it’s just not possible for you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join us for this 2 hour workshop on Raising Beliefs!


Oftentimes feeling stuck is a result of a belief system that we don’t even realize that we have.  By evaluating what it is that we believe, raising those beliefs according to our desires, and taking appropriate action, we are better equipped to move forward in ways that are more healthy, balanced and in the direction of what it is we truly want.  


Christy has been an avid practitioner of Positive Psychology & Yoga Teacher for over 2 decades. She loves sharing what she has learned with others to find more meaning and joy in their everyday lives despite the hardships that arise along the way.  

5 To Thrive Challenge &

Meditation/Positive Psychology Course

with Christy Hicks & Heather Hudson

coming this Fall!

Please check back for details